Datum 360 Engineering Information System

What is special about Datum360?

  • Datum360 is structured around service tags and equipment items (e.g. Flow Instrument FT-1201 or Pump P-106) for easy searching
  • This system can be used to compile data from many sources and map it to expected data elements for that equipment type. Datum360 has a library of these data structures which users can apply to their project or customize according to their needs
  • The system differentiates between functional tag numbers and equipment tag numbers, which allows for interaction with both service tag-oriented EPC programs and asset tag-oriented inventory control programs
  • Easy data transfer interfaces with major packages
  • Once the data formats from a given source (a vendor, a contractor, a manufacturer, etc.) have been established and mapped to the data, data import is fast --and easily repeatable when data from the same source needs to be updated

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Other Advantages

  • Easy to use, completely customizable report generator. (For example, the percent complete report divided by discipline and phase above is a built-in format)
  • Datum 360 can be accessed using ordinary plant workstations and tablets
  • The "NoSQL" database at the heart of Datum360 allows real-time evolution of data structures
  • Ability to add unlimited users without incurring extra cost, including external parties
  • Cloud implementation speeds set-up and facilitates remote support
  • Datum360 quickly builds user confidence through strong Engineering Management of Change (for both single-record updates and bulk-loaded data), resulting in a "single source of truth"
  • Data consistency is achieved by loading data and approving/correcting any flagged inconsistencies. Only after these are resolved are changes applied

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