Sampling, Mixing, and Metrology Product Lines

Maurer cell sampler

Modular Sampling Systems

A modular, standardized sampling system to minimize footprint, improve sampler/analyzer response time, simplify maintenance, and more.

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insertion sampler

Insertion Samplers

These samplers are equipped with electric drives and connect directly to the pipeline, making up to 15 samples per minute.

Maurer cell sampler

Cell Samplers

Electric or Pneumatic Drive options are available for use in fast loop bypass systems. These models can take up to 15 samples per minute.

insertion sampler

SmartMixTM Mixing Technology

As featured in Control Magazine, ECI partners with OGM to introduce SmartMixTM. Achieve superior, more efficient mixing, control droplet size, and eliminate emulsions with SmartMixTM Mixing Technology.

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32 path meter internals32 path meter with casing

32-Path Ultrasonic Meter

This meter provides unequalled 3-D flow profile imaging and ultra-fast scanning to ensure superior linearity and repeatability. Accurate down to 0.1% in oil service, it works with water cut from 0 to 100% and GVF up to 20%.

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Helical Turbine HTM Series Meters

This meter can be used for custody transfer measurement or specialty applications, such as boil-off gas metering on LNG storage tanks. Advantages include low pressure drop and the high accuracy, volume-based measurement it provides at varying fluid viscosities. This patented design features a unique, replaceable sleeve to facilitate maintenance.

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